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About Me

Passionate for Food

For more than 25 years I've been a professional chef in the culinary industry. Most recently I have taken a new step in introducing my knowledge and passion for food to the videography world. I’m a creative and hard-working film school student, looking to broaden as well as perfect my technical abilities and develop my own unique style.

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My History

Hi there! My name is Bryan Beneteau.  I started in 2020, I have been developing recipes for over 30 years and most recently cooking how to videos.


I am a professional chef and have been in the foodservice industry for over 25.  I am looking to share my knowledge and experiences with you.


My Background:

From a Young age I realized that I wanted to be a chef. All my schooling, secondary and post secondary have been geared towards the food industry. With a collage degree and a red Seal certification I have worked in many different streams of the hospitality industry. From Large chain hotels to private executive clubs, golf and country clubs, large fast paced eateries, and most recently managing a food service operation, located in southern Ontario for a hospitality company.  My duties are overseeing the day to day operations including menu planning and client catering, on and off site for numbers that exceed 500 people.

In the spring of 2020, I embarked a new and different avenue and introduced Video editing and creator of food videos to my repertoire. I have decided to teach and educate people the tips and tricks that I have learned over the 30 years that I have been in the kitchen with a string of food related videos.


This is a personal website and all the recipes and techniques have been used for years. I feel it is important in todays age of technology that there is no excuse that people cannot produce a wholesome made from scratch meal with fresh local ingredients. I am here to take some of the mystery out of cooking, I love to cook, I love to see people enjoying the food I cook. I strive to do the best that I can with the products that I have to work with. I try to improve my skills and fine tune them by taking in what I can. All the photography is done by myself; my wife Nancy and I are the ones showing up in my videos. I do all my own editing, and photography with a few simple tools that are available I hope to produce instructional videos weekly.

My recipe collection continues to grow. I love to try new recipes and will share my favorites with you. I hope you enjoy this page and find recipes that will become your family favorites as well.

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